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Okay, Betatest started... and already the first reports. I will divide them into Bugs and a wishlist.

Btw.: the JMP-Editor logs errors... if it behaves strange, or does things it should not do have a look in the Applications Path for a file called error.log and send that to me.

Version OS Description To be removed
0.9.03 Windows 98 SE Autoredraw Error 480 ASAP
0.9.03 All Help Button in the Toolbar does not work 0.9.04
0.9.03 All Import MIDI-Mapping-Table does not work 0.9.04
0.9.03 Windows XP JMP-Editor might corrupt MIDI-Mapping-Table. This has been reported by Thomas, but might be as well a mistake within his JMP-1  
0.9.03 All Help File has lots of empty sections ASAP
0.9.03 All Sometimes saving a *.jmp-file takes a while ASAP


What Who When
Im- and Exporting Names Timo Not in 1.0.0 ... I need something for a 2.0 ;)
Export MIDI-Mapping Table Timo and me Well, if the Editor offers Import, there should be as well an export... so this one will come before version 1.0.0
More Characters for the Patchnames Timo I thought 15 would be enough...



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