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Well, again the JMP-Editor can:

  • Load a dump from the JMP-1
  • Send a dump to the JMP-1
  • Load and save the settings in an own format (*.jmp)
  • Im- and Export SysEx-Files (*.syx, like generated by MIDI-Ox)
  • Im- and Export single Patches (another own Format, *.jme)
  • sort the patches the way you want them
  • change all the JMP-1 settings (leave aside MIDI-Channel, and the Outputlevel-Knob)
    • All Patch data
    • The MIDI-Mapping Table
  • work as a virtual MIDI-Board (a simple one, sending Program Changes only)
  • And new, in this Version: control your JMP-1 in Real Time (though this one is a little tricky, and has to be handled with care!)

It cannot:

  • cook coffee (though I worked hard to implement that feature ;) )
  • tune the JMP-1 (neither did I try that, nor am I interessted.. I like it the way it is)
  • sound itself like the JMP-1 (all the JMP-Editor does is changing MIDI-data)



© 2004 Markus Mattzick