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Finally a new Version!!!

Okay, this time even more layoutmaterial was borrowed from the german Marshallamps-Site... but so I did in the JMP-Editor too.

My thanks go to those who supported me in the last versions (0.8.x), but I throw it all away and restarted it from scratch. The new GUI (Grafik User Interface) now resembles more our beloved Marshall JMP-1 (and was inspired by Roberts proposal), since the Windows standardbuttons have been replaced with those, you can see on this site too (leave aside the buttons for Minimize and Exit).

Again I'd like to recommend The use of MIDI-Ox to have backups of your JMP-1 settings, since I am again not too sure wether all works out fine (Timo reported me some problems that the 0.9.02 Version did not translate a dump correct, though, finally I might have found the bug)).

In a trial-and-error marathon I found out that some kind of real-time control of the JMP-1 via a PC is possible, though we've got to pay tribute to the weird structure of the System Exclusive Data.

The patches are stored within eight blocks of the System Exclusive Data, meaning that you cannot send only the data of one patch. That is why you have to make a dump form the JMP-1 to the JMP-Editor any time you like to have real time control, to avoid overwriting it with unwanted settings.

Right now I am working on a new Help-File, but I hope that most stuff will be self-explaining (some passages in the Helpfile are without content right now)..


© 2004 Markus Mattzick